Jim Warner Opens Up


Jim Warner

Jim Warner

My Name is Jim Warner

– I have blogged for over a year now on a community blog network called Real Estate Undressed run by my good friend, Larry Cragun of Issaquah, WA. You can find my posts on both Lynnwood Undressed and Snohomish County Undressed. I have enjoyed the process and I continue to use that blog as a forum to share thoughts on Real Estate and the local community. However, Since I am branching out in terms of my interests I thought it might be worth trying to expand the focus of my blog to cover all the ramblings going on in my head!

I live in Edmonds, WA, Just north of Seattle. I currently do private Real Estate consulting for past clients and family but I have stepped back from the fray in terms of day-to-day real estate practice, primarily because I find the pace of change to be exhausting.

I have developed a  fascination with the world of Direct Marketing a.k.a Multi Level or Network Marketing and although I recognize those terms conjure up all sorts of things for different people, I have found it to be a remarkable world of Entrepreneurial Zeal and Leadership Excellence that offers up incredible opportunity for anyone willing to take it on. I am Specifically interested in the medium as it relates to the Booming Wellness and Anti Aging Industry in these remarkable Economic Times. More on that as things progress.

For now, lets’ just say I am going to try going A Capella for awhile, that is blogging without a theme or network to work around. Kind of Like singing without the back up music – it can be a little risky but when you hear it done right, it’s pretty cool.

So welcome aboard, let’s see where this train takes us.

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