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The Ageloc Revolution in Anti Aging Technology


The Ageloc Launch October 2009

The Ageloc Launch October 2009

Every once in a while, things as we know them, change in dramatic fashion on such a fundamental level that it affects all of us in one way or another. The introduction of Ageloc Technology into the anti aging arena is one of those dramatic shifts.

Nu Skin Enterprises has staked it’s future on becoming the standard bearer for what has up until now been a largely smoke and mirrors industry known as Anti Aging.

With few exceptions, Anti Aging has been mostly a clever marketing catch-phrase adopted by the cosmetics and beauty care industry to cover just about any product that hides the signs of aging. More recently, naturopathic and homeopathic entrepreneurs have begun targeting their marketing efforts on some aspects of the Wellness Industry to appeal to the booming market that exists for true anti aging products. Based largely on anectdotal responses, few of the products in this vast marketplace have been scientifically demonstrated to attack the sources of aging…. that is until now.

Based on continuing research at some of the finest  universities and research facilities in the world, Ageloc is a Technology Platform that measures the effectiveness of a varied product line bearing it’s name, in terms of anti aging. This Technology influences the Genes and their Expression Amplitude which in turn affects how your body ages and regenerates. We now know that as you age, your genes tend to dim, or more accurately, express themselves less vibrantly, meaning certain regenerative functions don’t work as well as when we are young. The result is the effects of aging.

Nu Skin Enterprises and their research partners have discovered how to measure and influence this gene expression and just as importantly, they have learned how to identify specific clusters of genes that work together to affect certain aging functions. From there, they have begun creating a pipeline of products that will for the first time attack the sources of aging from not only the outside in, but through targeted nutritional supplementation from the Pharmanex Line, the inside out.

The first of these products will be introduced to the public in January of 2010. They are being pre released in limited quantities to Nu Skins worldwide distibutor network in October of 2009.

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