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Rethinking Bottled Water


Plastics and the Pacific Garbage Patch

Plastic Bottles

 I ran accross an article today that noted there had been a serious decline in sales of bottled water. The Bottled water industry believes that it is due mainly to the economic downturn. The anti bottled water movement, on the other hand, would like to claim some credit for finally moving the trend needle in the opposite direction of growth due to their continuing efforts to get people to stop drinking bottled water. And so it goes.

I took note of this article for a few reasons. It reminded me to follow up on a stories I had heard of about a vast vortex of accumulating garbage, mainly plastics, called the East Pacific Garbage Patch. I had wondered whether or not it was real and if anyone had really checked into it. I also wondered if it was true why it hadn’t gotten more attention. Turns out that apparently Oprah did get into the fray earlier this year and so the story is finally getting some traction. which is probably how I finally got wind of it.  Hey, whatever works!

Secondly, I was wondering if people really are starting to slow down on consumption of bottled water for ecological reasons rather than econonics. I was just curious enough to google the topic  and I ran accross the following videos that I share with you now. They present some disturbing facts that really caused me to rethink my use of plastics in all things, not just bottled water.

 Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no do gooder or environmental activist by any measure. Given my personal habits to this point, I risk being labeled a hypocrite even writing about this sort of thing. But it made me stop and  think. It got my attention. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with a looming global disaster that has received little attention to this point and yet we all have had a hand in creating when you think about it. Unlike Global Warming, there’s no real controversy around this and no economic interest trying to skew the  data to make a buck. off it. If anything, it’s more like pass the buck and ignore the facts even though there is mounting evidence that this garbage is entering our food chain and we are now essentially eating the poison we have been dumpin ino the ocean.  

where does it all go

 No matter where you stand on global warming and the politics of globalization, this is a real and verifiable problem that needs immediate attention. Something we can all do our part to at least begin correcting with small changes in our regular habits.

Next time you go to grab a plastic water bottle – just take a moment to think about an alternative that might work for you instead. It’s a little thing, but the cumulative effect of our casual habits are beginning to take a real toll on the prospects for the future of our planet.

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